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  • Do Horseshoe Crabs STING?!
    by Brave Wilderness • 1 day ago • 5, 140, 190 views
    Please SUBSCRIBE - Pre-Order Coyote’s Book - Watch More - On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds a Horse...
  • MINIONS HOTEL TOUR! Coolest Room Ever!! Savage Dad @ Universal Studios Resort (FUNnel Summer FL #1)
    by FUNnel Vision • 3 days ago • 3, 287, 845 views
    The FUNnel Vision Fam takes over Orlando Florida. In Part 1 they check out the coolest themed resort hotel room MINIONS from DESPICABLE ME 3 @ Loews Portofino Bay Hotel! After some fun craziness at t...
  • Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
    by Dude Perfect • 5 days ago • 15, 583, 532 views
    Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping? ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! ► Click HERE for more card throwing & magic from Rick!
    by RomanAtwoodVlogs • 18 hours ago • 4, 660, 769 views
    SHE FINALLY HAS A NAME :) | Subscribe: Today we had Adam and his wife over to test out the mini lake :) Attempted some flips and tricks. Drifted his car in my driveway and an...
    by Jake Paul • 16 hours ago • 4, 036, 719 views
  • Jake Paul Ruins Los Angeles
    by h3h3Productions • 3 days ago • 3, 514, 479 views
    Jake Paul now has beef with the entire city of LA GET YOUR HILAKLEINER LIMITED MERCH.... H3 Podcast is available at: TWITCH ► YOUTUBE► ...
  • Nerf War: The Infection
    by Twin Toys • 7 days ago • 4, 040, 813 views
    In this Nerf war episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam and family have to save their friends from the zombie horde. While they escape to the barn for safety, Desaria realizes we aren't clear ...
  • BAD KID STEALS M&M IRL Kids Pretend Play! Learn Colors with Candy for Children Toddlers and Babies
    by Ryan ToysReview • 2 days ago • 1, 510, 592 views
    BAD KID STEALS M&M IRL & Prank Mommy Pretend Play with Ryan ToysReview! Learn Colors with Candy for Children Toddlers and Babies like Red, Blue, Green, and yellow and rainbow color! Funny Kids Pretend...
  • How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs
    by HowToBasic • 3 days ago • 1, 903, 772 views
    Today I show you how to easily find & eliminate all bed bugs on your property. Think you don't have any? Think again - A recent survey found that 93% of all households are infested with bed bugs. Don'...
  • FLOATIES ! Elsa & Anna toddlers - Pool Party - Water fun Prank Big float Splash Swim Inflatables
    by Come Play With Me • 7 days ago • 7, 295, 754 views
    In this toys dolls parody video Elsa and Anna toddlers are ready for a summer pool Floaty party ! There are a lot of princesses who join them : Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel and Bell...
  • Floaty bird floating
    by GingerBeard • 5 days ago • 2, 568, 294 views
    The bird. He floats! FAQ- Camera is HIKVISION’s DS-2CD2342WD-I. 2688x1520@20fps Yes it is a real bird. No I did not use strings. No the footage is not edited. Yes I have YouTube slowing it down t...
  • Selfie Domino
    by Party Pooper • 1 week ago • 6, 665, 949 views
    Wait for it..... 0:11 is when the action happens. This took place at my mate Simon Birch's art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pil...
  • Try Not To Flinch Challenge!!!
    by SIS vs BRO • 4 days ago • 1, 597, 881 views
    Try Not to Flinch Challenge!!!! OMG!!! this was harder than we thought!!! The Spider Box was the most SCARY! Do you think Ronald flinched on Jack in the Box? Subscribe for more cool videos! http://bi...
  • Don't Flinch Challenge!!
    by Team Edge • 3 days ago • 1, 678, 422 views
    GIANT Spikeball Challenge!! 🌕 ➡ Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ 🔽MORE LINKS BELOW 🔽 Hey guy...
  • Eating Freaky Dragon Fruit Challenge Freak Family Summer Vacation Vlog #10 Hidden Egg
    by Freak Family Vlogs • 2 days ago • 3, 397, 116 views
    Eating Freaky Fruit Challenge Freak Family Summer Vacation Vlog #10 Hidden Eggs Victoria Annabelle Daddy Canned Fish Challenge Sardines Salmon Tuna Freak Family Summer Vacation Vlog #4 https://youtu...
  • Ramsay Forced to Spit Out BACON & CHOCOLATE PIZZA! | Hotel Hell
    by Gordon Ramsay • 6 days ago • 3, 555, 621 views
    Gordon can't believe he's being served a chocolate and bacon pizza! Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels:
  • SWIMMING POOL FULL OF BATH FOAM! Mr Bubble Rainbow Soap Shaving Cream Water Slide & Roller Coaster
    by DisneyCarToys • 1 day ago • 2, 223, 994 views
    Kids Pool filled with bath foam and rainbow colored Mr Bubble Foam Soap. DisneyCarToys Sandra has creative summer family fun with her kids by creating a foam Step 2 Roller Coaster, water slide and swi...
  • Binging with Babish 1 Million Subscriber Special: Taco Town & Behind the Scenes
    by Binging with Babish • 4 days ago • 1, 730, 673 views
    Thank you everyone for helping me reach 1 million subscribers!! Take a sordid peek behind the curtains of the BwB stage and see how I make the show each week. Then, join me as I endeavor to stack as...
  • Goat breaks into Argonics' Colorado office
    by Argonics Inc. • 5 days ago • 1, 444, 241 views
    Our employees arrived at work on Monday, July 17 to find the doors smashed but nothing taken, and security camera footage showed some surprising vandals.
  • Recording A Spotify Ad
    by Gus Johnson • 3 days ago • 1, 266, 722 views
    Why are they so loud and terrible? - Please subscribe so I can eat: ↓FOLLOW GUS OR WHATEVER↓ - Twitter: - Facebook: